Pacifier Suavinex Couture girl +12M

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5,95 €

The Suavinex pacifier is developed for toddlers (+12months).  It is part of the Suavinex Haute Couture collection and looks cute on little baby girls due to its transparency and golden shades. The Suavinex Haute Couture soother exists in three different designs in the girl colour scheme.

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The silicone teat is taste and odour-free so is more likely to be accepted by your baby. It is smooth, transparent, and easy to clean and is strong and long-lasting so won’t become misshapen or discoloured over time. The flat, symmetrical design of its physiological teat means that it is always correctly positioned in the baby's mouth, exerting minimum pressure on the roof of the mouth.

The small and lightweight design of Suavinex baby dummy fits your toddler and ventilation holes allow for maximum airflow to prevent saliva build-up and reduce the risk of skin irritation.  A security ring handle enables easy removal of the dummy at any time.

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